Activity: Get An Ice Cream Sandwich

Week 1 · Lesson 3 · 8 minutes

We set up our very first Android application. It's going to be delicious.

A few notes about Android Studio: It's an integrated development environment (IDE), which means that it's software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers to - you guessed it - build software. Eclipse and IntelligiJ are both IDEs you may be familiar with from working with Java, but Android Studio works off of IntelliJ.  

For this first application, we're just going to run through the default setup of a new project. Once you have Android Studio open, simply select 'New Project.' Set the name and location; choose the default API (15, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich); and select the Blank Activity template. 

Activity here specifically means a mechanism that encapsulates a portion of the user interface on an Android device. The other word with special meaning is Fragments, and between them act as the building blocks for any Android UI. 

Once you have the project open, take a minute to explore the interface, and we'll start building in the next video.