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Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been Creative?

Week 1 - Creativity and Landscape Analysis · Lesson 4 · 2 minutes

In this video, we outline what it takes to be creative, and it involves less sparkles and unicorns than you might think.

Creativity, far from being innate and inviolable, is actually based in habits, beliefs, and behavior. Which are all things you can develop and sharpen, even if you already see yourself as a creative person. Specifically, this class is going to focus on three habits: 

  • Perception - Our ability to look at the world and find sources of inspiration. 
  • Intellection - Taking inspiration and making connections, spotting opportunities.
  • Expression - Our ability to communicate ideas and share them with others. 

Or, for you visual learners:


Notice how they feed into each other. Combined, you'll be able to identify, construct, and articulate great ideas, which is most of the battle towards making them a reality.  

If you want to check out some additional work on building creativity, look at Creative People Must Be Stopped by David A. Owens.